All natural, no nasty stuff, formulated for youthful skin!

We're almost there! A few final tweaks to our first body care product, made using naturally derived ingredients and we will be ready to launch!

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Adrian McDonald

I am an avid user of body and skin products that use natural ingredients. I only started using them in adulthood, but wish I had started younger. Now as a father of 3, I've decided to launch a company that fills that gap, producing skincare products that have been formulated for youthful skin, starting with our first product to be launched, our citrus and mint natural deodorant.

No bad, only good.

Natural fragrance

As well as other natural ingredients like Shea Butter and Coconut Oil, our fragrance is made is 100% natural essential oils

Paraben free

We've gone through the process of eliminating all potentially harmful ingredients, and one that came along the top of the list was parabens

Aluminium free

Some research shows that the use of aluminium can be potentially harmful to the body. This is one ingredient we will never use in any of our products